The next generation open world is coming on 2021.

Exotic Cars VI "Update"

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Lany Games, Inc was created with one idea, to make the best games and try to recreate real life, we put all our passion and creativity and constant ambition to create the best games. We want our game to reach millions of people to experience all the work and talent we put into Exotic Cars VI.


We use real brands all over the game map, all in order to give the player an immersive feeling inside the game. The brands are cars, clothes, restaurants, drinks, buildings and more. We try to support the brands to reach more people through our game.

Tesla Roadster

New York



PS5 - Series X/S

The Next-Gen version of Exotic Cars VI is a totally different game from the base game, the game can run 4K 60 FPS, 8K 30 with Raytracing. Disabling Raytracing runs 4K 120 FPS, 8K 60 FPS.

Full Game

Exotic Cars VI on base consoles can run at 4K 30 FPS without Raytracing. The game runs amazing on these consoles and looks spectacular.


Hero's Journey

When a young thief has the hero’s journey, he will have to travel through Miami, New York and Los Angeles in search of vengeance and redemption, on his journey he will have a mentor to help him. He has to lose everything he has and everyone he loves to get his redemption and rise again.


Do not Fear because I am with you, do not despair because I am your God. Behold, all who are enraged against you will be ashamed and humiliated. They will be like nothing. Those who fight against you will be defeated. I will hold your right hand and tell you not fear, I will help you.



Download the launcher and enjoy Exotic Cars VI!